Magnolia, Whiff of Joy, Sugar Nellie, Sarah Kay, Rachelle Anne Miller and More...Stamps for Sale.....

Well today I have sorted through my stamps and have decided that some of them just have to go.... so here is a rather long list of them... postage is included in the cost of the stamps, so the price you see is the price you pay (unless you want them shipped internationally, there will be an additional charge for shipping)... just e-mail me at If you double click on the photos it will bring the photos up larger so that you can see the stamps more clearly.

Here I have 3 Magnolia Stamps... the first one and last one have never been used. They are all mounted and ready to stick to your acrylic block. I would like £4 each for the first and last one and £3.50 for the middle one, this includes postage. The last one is poor Edwin in a sorry state, perfect for a Get Well Soon card. ALL SOLD

As you can see these 2 have never been used and are still in the packet. Mounted and ready for your acrylic block, I would like £4 each for these, the little girl sits on the edge of the glass, if you would like both the cost will be £7.25. Dont forget this price includes postage. SOLD

This is the Christmas Set, the little girl sits on the tree branch, again, never been used or even out of the packet. Mounted and ready for your acrylic block. £4 each or both for £7.25. SOLD

These stamps have been used, are by Rachelle Anne Miller and are acrylic, would like £3.25 each please. ALL SOLD

This Sarah Kay stamp has never been out of its packet, is acrylic so will cling to your acrylic block and I would like £4.25 for this one please, postage included. SOLD

These stamps have been lightly used and are mounted so they will cling to your acrylic block, I would like £3.50 for each of these please. The middle stamp is perfect for all your baby girl cards.... STAMP ON RIGHT SOLD. MIDDLE AND LEFT ONE STILL FOR SALE

These stamps have never been used either (are you noticing something here... lol) and are from the Farmyard Tilda (Magnolia), here you have the horse, a bale of hay and tilda all ready to sit on the bale of hay. I would like £5 for the horse, £4 for Tilda and £3.75 for the bale of hay, if you would like all 3 I will sell them for £11.25. SOLD

Again Magnolia, again never used. I would like £4.50 for this one please. SOLD

Again Magnolia, yet again, never been used, ideal for teacher cards, I did even think of teacher cards for Christmas, just stick a little Father Christmas Hat on their heads. £4.50 each for these, or all 3 for £12.... just a reminder, postage is included. If you have an apple stamp, Edwin and Tilda would be excellent stamped out and seated on an apple... (or even an apple die cut). ALL SOLD

These are Sugar Nellie Stamps, which I think are no longer available. They have been used and I would like £3.50 each for these or £20 the set. SOLD

More Sugar Nellie stamps, they do stamp really well, nice clear sharp images. These have been lightly used, £3.75 each. SOLD

More Sugar Nellie, again, these have been lightly used, £3.50 each or all 3 for £10. THESE THREE STILL FOR SALE

The first one is a Magnolia Stamp, the Second is a Leanne Ellis Stamp (from Funky Kits) and not sure of the name of the third one. I would like £3.50 for the Magnolia Stamp, the Leanne Ellis one has not been used but has been mounted on Kling On and I would like £4.25 for that, the third one I would like £4 for, this has been used once. The first stamp Edwin doing DIY is perfect for those hard to make men cards... MIDDLE AND RIGHT HAND ONE SOLD EDWIN WITH DIY TOOLS STILL FOR SALE

More Sugar Nellie, the first two have been used and the third one used only once.... I would like £3.50 for each of these or £10 for all 3. Dont think these are available anymore. The third stamp is Maggie dressing up in her mums clothes... these would make gorgeous young girl cards. ALL SOLD

I have only used this stamp once, and I won the competition I entered using it.... can you believe that... lol Anyway, I would like £4.25 for this one, I think it is a Ladybug design by Rachelle Anne Miller. SOLD

These are Leanne Ellis Designs from Funky Kits, these have only been used once and I would like £4 each for these.... they have been mounted on kling on so can be used right away.ALL SOLD
And last but not least, Whiff of Joy stamps, these have been used once only, but are mounted on Kling On ready to use on your acrylic block. I would like £4.75 each for these, this includes first class postage to UK, and I will post out to you the next working day. ALL SOLD

Dont forget all prices include first class postage to UK only, if you would like them shipped internationally, then you will need to contribute to shipping costs. All stamps are already mounted onto EZ Mount or Kling On ready to stamp, except for the acrylic ones. Thank you for looking and I will be back with some more items for sale tomorrow.... take care all XX

Selling Some Stampin' Up! Stamp Sets....

I have decided to sell some of my stash as I have way too much, thought I would advertise it for a week on my blog before listing it on e-bay. So todays bargains are Stampin' Up!s Saleabration Sets. I have way too many of these and need to sell some to the unlucky people that didn't manage to get their hands on them when they were on offer. You are now unable to purchase these sets as only the people that bought a certain amount of Stampin' Up! managed to get their little crafting mitts on them, so am selling these....

The above set is called Botanical Blooms, it is brand new, never been used, not even mounted and I would like £15 for this which will include postage. Click on the picture to see a larger version of it.

This set is called Yummy, again £15 for this including postage, if you would like to purchase 2 of the sets, the cost will be £28 including postage.

This set is called Congrats, I would like £12 including postage for this set. If you would like to purchase all 3 sets the cost will be £38.

This set is called Polka Dot Punches. I would like £15 for this. The scallop edge punch and flower punch from Stampin' Up! can be used for punching out these designs. If you would like all 4 sets, the cost will be £50 including postage. I will also include some Stampin' Up! 6 x 6 inch sheets of patterned paper with your Stamp Sets. If you are interested, just click on the link above which says CONTACT ME and let me know. I think I have 4 of each set up for grabs.
Once I have sorted out all my craft stuff and sold it, I will be starting up my blog again as I will then have room to work.
Tomorrow I will be selling some of my Magnolia and Sugar Nellie Stamps, so look out for that.
I will also have some giveaways over the next few weeks so look out for that also... Have a great evening everyone.