37 Days until Christmas......

So time has flown and there are only 37 days until Christmas Day. I have hardly done any Christmas Shopping and my Christmas Card makes are non-existent. Having had a lingering cold for nearly 2 weeks isn't helping either. Just as I think I am getting better it deteriorates again. 

Friday night we went to see Imitation Game with Benedict Cumberbatch. The film is definitely worth watching. Saturday saw us zipping off to Wembley to watch the England v Slovenia match (via Westfield, Stratford for a quick tagine in the food court) which after the first boring half ended with a final good 3-1 result. A quick trip around the new Wembley Outlet shops and a browse around the Christmas Market ended with a trip to Costa before piling on the tube back home. A good day was had by all I think. 

Here is a card I made a while back. I went through a time of making flowery cards. 

This was made solely out of Stampin' Up! Supplies. Love that flower punch and stamp set. 

Right off to look for a good book to read. And then after dinner (chilli which has been cooking in the slow cooker all day), I am going to watch the new Ripper Street on Amazon Prime. Have a great evening all. X

Exciting Times

Been very busy yet again. Thursday night we won our music quiz yet again. That is the third time in a row and this week we will get 15 points deducted from our score. Cannot see us making it a fourth time. 

Friday we went to the cinema to see Interstellar. It was okay, but thought the ending ruined it. Not saying anymore in case you want to watch it. It was very long at around 3 hours. 

Saturday evening the boys went to a Firework Display with my daughter. Unfortunately the heavens opened at the time they started and everyone ended up really wet. They did enjoy it though. 

Sunday. Well that was the highlight of my year (except for my birthday). We went to see Billy Idol, he was a punk rocker back in the 70/80s. I have waited 36 years to see him and it was worth every minute. Cannot believe he is nearly 59. He had so much energy and from a distance looked the same as he ever did. Spikey blonde hair and leather. Lol. 

And a photo to prove we were enjoying ourselves. 

Anyway. Better get on to the things you are here for. 

I know a lot of these type of cards have been made. A chest of drawers with baby items poking out of the drawers or hanging off the door knobs, and this is my first attempt at one. I think maybe the chest of drawers could have been a lighter brown, but overall I was pleased with it. 

So that's it for today, will be back soon with some more makes. Have a great day all. X

Fun Times.

Life is never boring. We are always out doing something. Thursday nights we have our weekly Music Quiz at the White Swan in Bicknacre, Friday night was Halloween and we went to a party at my sister's house. And here we are all dressed up. 

I am the Pirate Zombie and Hubby is the clown, which totally freaked out my 18 year old son. 

Saturday night we went to see Nightcrawler at the cinema (as we have Unlimited Cards), and Monday we had a trip to Thorpe Park. It was open until 10pm so not only did we get to play all day, we visited the Fright Night Mazes in the dark and then rode all the rides in the dark too. Awesome!!!

Today I have a card to show you. It is what is called a box card. It folds flat and fits into an envelope and then you can pop it up to make a box once opened. 

This was made for my female Pastor's birthday. She loves shoes so I just had to incorporate shoes into the design. What do you think?  Card stock and paper all Stampin! Up. 

Tonight we are off out to our monthly Pub Quiz. We haven't done so well for a while after having a spate of coming first and second. Fingers crossed we do better tonight as it is the last one before Christmas. 

Take care folks and have a great evening. X

Back Again Today

Hi everyone. I have managed to come back today to show you some more things I have made. We had a very busy weekend. We went to see The Fury and The Babadook at the cinema, also a karaoke night at the pub Saturday night and our friend did an impromptu gig at the pub last night so we went along to see him. A hilarious night was had. Very very surreal. 

So here are my makes. 

The inside of a card I made for my daughter's birthday. She loves camper vans. 

And this is the outside, a very cool colour camper van. 

The card stock I used was Stampin' Up!  I used a file from Silhouette Store to cut the design and used my Cameo to cut it. 

So I will be back later this week with another update. We have a Halloween Party on Friday, I will show you what my boys will go dressed as. They had a party at Scouts last week and dressed up for it, so have had a trial run. 

Have a good evening. 

Have You Missed Me?

Wow, wow, wow. Been a while since I posted. I have been a bad blogger over the last few years but am going to try to blog more regularly from now onwards.

Life keeps changing, but then again stays the same. My son passed his driving test a couple of weeks ago and bought himself a car. It is wonderful that he is now more independent and can spend more time with his mates.

I have also been busy card wise over the last couple of months, but have cased a lot of cards from Pinterest, so will be sharing over the next couple of days.

It was my grandsons birthday on 9th October. He was 5 and here is the card I made for him.

I am having a lazy day tonight before going out to the pub tonight with friends. It's Karaoke Night, but I don't sing. Ha ha.

Take care everyone. X