Got Up Early

It is so sunny out I felt guilty staying in bed, so got up and fed the animals, touched up my nail polish as a couple of toes worth had come off and I was missing a gem on my nails, so that is now all sorted, and one cup of coffee down.

We aren't doing anything today other than going to church, so may buy myself a new book on my kindle, I may also schedule in some work this week as I tend to do things if I have them on a list.  Also need to sort out a shopping list for tomorrow morning and clean out the birds, lizards and tortoise.... Hmmm doesn't seem like nothing to do to me.  Thinking of doing a 10 minute workout with my kettlebells too, I am trying to follow a Kettleworx 6 week program, but am so unfit I have only made it through 1 20 minute workout so far... lol

Today I thought I would show you the photographs of my son before he went to his prom on Wednesday, otherwise the time will be getting away with me and it will be old news.

Jared Prom 2013

Close Up of Jared Prom 2013

Getting ready for his mode of transport

Getting on the Kawasaki Ninja

Glad he is colour co-ordinated

On his way

There is also a really nice photograph doing the rounds on Facebook, but I dont like to put young peoples photographs on my blog without parents permission so you will have to check out my Facebook account for some more (if you are friends with me on there).

I made a few of these cards for the men in our Church, I wasn't sure if it was a really masculine card, but as it had no flowers I thought it would be okay.  What do you think?  The Balloon stamp set is from Papertrey Ink, as are the dies for the clouds and balloons.  The patterned paper is from Stampin' Up! and the sentiment I wrote on with the Silhouette Studio Pens and cut out using the Silhouette Cameo.  I also decorate the inside of my cards but always forget to take photographs of that.  I am fast running out of cards and stuff to post so I guess I had better get making.... have a great Sunday and I hope it is as sunny where you are as it is here..... xx

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Sunny Saturday

Having been to 2 big concerts on the previous 2 Saturdays we decided to slow the pace down a bit this weekend ( and seeing we have another next weekend too). We decided to go to the cinema but the boys weren't old enough to see World War Z so we picked a showing where Despicable Me 2 was on at the same time and we let them go see that. My older son (who is 12) had his mobile phone in case they had problems and we were only a few screens down to them. Everything went fine and they felt very grown up going on their own. I really enjoyed the film. Not sure why it gets bad reviews. I especially wanted to see it because we went to Leicester Square the day of the World Premiere to see the stars arriving (including Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie). We were also lucky enough to have tickets to the Muse concert at Horseguards Parade later that day. 

What do you think of the photos?  Cool yes?

And just because this is supposed to be a crafty blog, here is a photo of a crafty make. 

I made this for my grandsons 5th birthday. The card blank and pirate were cutting files from Silhouette Studio. The card stock and patterned paper are from Stampin' Up!  I use Stampin' Up! Card stock most of the time as they have all the colours I could want. 

I will try and update again tomorrow. In the meantime I am off to drink my Pimms and Lemonade. Have a good evening. Xx


Busy Day

Today I am looking after my grand daughter and later my grandson whilst their brother is having an operation. My sons school is having a picnic to celebrate 100 years of the school, so we are also going there in a minute. Then they are putting on little shows and the summer fete will be on. So far this morning I have done the housework, done some washing, loaded the dishwasher, taken son to work. Picked up a prescription and visited the pet shop to buy some locusts for the lizards. Phew.

So a quick post of some cards and I will be on my way.

I made this card for my daughters boyfriend as he has a kawasaki ninja. I used patterned paper I designed myself and the motorbike, matting and banner come from the silhouette studio shop. 

This card I made for a young lady at church's birthday. She has recently got a Yorkshire Terrier puppy so thought this was appropriate. The felt flowers are cut from Papertrey Ink felt using their dies also. The leaves are a sizzlet die and the dog is a silhouette studio cutting file. Hope you like it. 

Will I or wont I return tomorrow. We shall see. Have a great weekend folks. X


Hubby has just Facetimed me to ask me who I would like to see at British Summertime Festival in Hyde Park, as we didn't have the choice of The Rolling Stones, I went for Bon Jovi and The Kaiser Chiefs, I love both of them and have seen them in concert before...... he has won VIP tickets to see them which includes free food and drink hospitality all day and a special standing area in front of the stage to watch them...... thank you very much!!  Now those of you who know me, know what a concert type of gal I am, having spent the last 2 weekends seeing The Who and The Killers in concert, so that kind of prize is right up my street...

Anyway, back to why you are all here, to see more cards that I have made.  The first one is a thank you card (actually I made 20 of them) for my daughter to send to everyone who bought a gift for her baby boy when he was born.  Not a very good photo, but it was taken in the dark depths of winter.

The next one was a birthday card for my daughters birthday, I used Papertrey Ink stamp sets, Stampin' Up! Owl Punch, Stampin' Up! banner die and stamp set.  Think the paper was also Stampin' Up!.  I think the colours are gorgeous....

I also used my Silhouette Cameo to cut vinyl stickers for my flour jars, the jars cost 5p each from a local sweet shop that was closing down.  Gave them a good clean, got all the sticky off from their labels and badged them up for myself.  They look really good on top of my cupboards, they look like they cost a lot more than they did.... they keep the flour really fresh too as the lids are screw on.

And because I am getting withdrawal symptoms from the concerts I go to, here are a few photo's of some we have been to this year.....

Meatloaf in April singing his Bat Out Of Hell album from beginning to end

Meatloaf singing I Wont Do That

Meatloaf singing Two Out Of Three Aint Bad

Meatloaf April 2013
We went to see Meatloaf in April 2013, he sang his whole Bat Out Of Hell album from beginning to end and he also sang other songs too.  Awesome night, and so pleased to see him at last.  Last time he toured we bought daughter and her husband tickets to see him as she likes him more than I do.... so pleased to be able to do that for her.  This time it was our chance.  Thank you Meat for a wonderful concert.

Do you think I can make it back here tomorrow?  I hope so.  See you all then... x

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I made it back today....

I have made it back.... I wrote a long post on my Ipad, then hit the wrong button and managed to lose it all so have started again on my computer in the hope that the same thing wont happen again. Total user error. Son is buy showering and doing his hair, with a bit of help from Mum, (what am I going to do Mum, its sticking up at the back).... did I say he was arriving at his prom on a Kawasaki Ninja, so am thinking that the crash helmet will wreck his hair anyway. College trip went okay today, have a long list of Chef stuff he needs, around £300 worth, so will have to get saving for that. Wont argue with him as he will have an excellent set of sharp knives amongst his things. A few more photos today. Since I posted last December we have acquired a few more pets. Today I will showcase my new Bearded Dragon, Mabel. She is very tame and often comes out for a cuddle. She spent the morning chasing locusts around her vivarium....

Today I am also going to show a card I made for Mothers Day.  I always seem to have problems fitting them into envelopes after I have made them and dont always have time to make small boxes for them.  Will have to design a template for a thick envelope to cut quickly on my Cameo.

Off to make a card for my Grand daughters birthday.  I am trying to stay on top of everything that needs doing.  Have spent the last day re-vamping my blog, all the elements and papers are designs I have made myself, just had a problem fitting the pattern onto the edges of the template.  Hubby found out at lunchtime that it was because photo bucket sizes the pictures down too small.  Simple as that and I was up to after midnight last night trying to find out why.  Upload the pics to my own domain page and it works fine.  Probably needs a small bit of fine tuning now..... see you all soon.. x
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Long Time No See

Well, I am ashamed.  I cannot believe that I haven't posted on my blog at all this year.

I started the year badly having recurring gall bladder problems and was waiting to have my gall bladder out.  I was on morphine, tramadol, cocodamol and a cocktail of other stuff too, so was a walking zombie for quite a few months.  I finally feel now that I have recovered and hope to keep this blog updated regularly from now onwards.  Unfortunately whilst I was ill, I didn't really make anything to show you anyway, but I have been making recently.  Some of the earlier cards made were totally CASED or copied from other people, but in my zombie state I didn't note down any names to credit them to, so if you see a card similar to your own on my blog, please let me know so that I can credit it to you please.  My apologies in advance for the slackness on my part.

Just after Christmas, my daughter (number 6) had a little baby boy, my 7th grandchild.  He was slightly early and it was a big surprise to get a text message at 2.20am with the good news.  This is the card I made for him.

And here is a picture of him, with proud Nanna, this is the day he was born and that is his dad in the background.

And this is a close up of his cute little face, isn't he gorgeous.  Needless to say he is gorgeous still.

I will try and pop back in tomorrow, with some more photo's of things I have made.  I do have a busy day tomorrow, my son (number 8) has just finished his GCSEs and has been accepted at college to do a course to enable him to become a qualified Chef.  He already works in the Secret Garden in Maldon, where we live, and tomorrow we are off to enroll him into college.  It is also his prom, so I am sure I will be inundating you with photo's of my handsome son in his suit all dressed up and ready to go.  Lets just say that his mode of transport to get to his prom is not the usual limousine.  Watch this space.

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