Long Time No See

Well, I am ashamed.  I cannot believe that I haven't posted on my blog at all this year.

I started the year badly having recurring gall bladder problems and was waiting to have my gall bladder out.  I was on morphine, tramadol, cocodamol and a cocktail of other stuff too, so was a walking zombie for quite a few months.  I finally feel now that I have recovered and hope to keep this blog updated regularly from now onwards.  Unfortunately whilst I was ill, I didn't really make anything to show you anyway, but I have been making recently.  Some of the earlier cards made were totally CASED or copied from other people, but in my zombie state I didn't note down any names to credit them to, so if you see a card similar to your own on my blog, please let me know so that I can credit it to you please.  My apologies in advance for the slackness on my part.

Just after Christmas, my daughter (number 6) had a little baby boy, my 7th grandchild.  He was slightly early and it was a big surprise to get a text message at 2.20am with the good news.  This is the card I made for him.

And here is a picture of him, with proud Nanna, this is the day he was born and that is his dad in the background.

And this is a close up of his cute little face, isn't he gorgeous.  Needless to say he is gorgeous still.

I will try and pop back in tomorrow, with some more photo's of things I have made.  I do have a busy day tomorrow, my son (number 8) has just finished his GCSEs and has been accepted at college to do a course to enable him to become a qualified Chef.  He already works in the Secret Garden in Maldon, where we live, and tomorrow we are off to enroll him into college.  It is also his prom, so I am sure I will be inundating you with photo's of my handsome son in his suit all dressed up and ready to go.  Lets just say that his mode of transport to get to his prom is not the usual limousine.  Watch this space.

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