Just a small rant about Magazinesdirect.com

I love the magazine Ideal Homes and last year I went to a website called magazines direct and got out a subscription. I took out a rolling year subscription as I didn't want to miss any issues and when you set up a subscription you always miss a couple before it gets started. On my invoice it says £21 every year.... and this year I was charged £28.49!!!! The subscription charge goes to IPCMagazines direct. I rung them and they said they sent out a letter around 8 November informing me of the rise, but I didn't receive this letter. I know I didn't as I was unsure what kind of subscription I had got out until they took the money from my bank account at the beginning of December. I was surprised it was so much so checked my invoice (I never throw anything away) and the words were £21 every year. If I was to take out a new subscription with them it would only be £22.49. They said I could cancel my subscription and take out a new one with them so saving me money, but then I would again miss a few whilst it was all being set up, so I said to leave it how it is but cancel it after this subscription runs out.....

Okay rant over.... just a warning not to believe everything you have in writing....

Anyway, I guess you have stopped by to see what I have been making...... it was my sons Christmas Bazaar last week and I made some small sewing kits for the tombola stall... they had several tombola stalls one with sweets and fizzy drinks, another with tins and edible food and another with lots of other goodies.... here are a couple of things that I made...

I printed out the pictures and made them into tags and cards with envelopes.  I wish I had of made them before I made my Christmas cards as I like them very much.

This is a little sewing kit I made, inside are needles, thread and buttons.  Aren't they cute?  These are all over the internet so not sure who to credit them to.  If you are the person who originally thought of them please let me know so I can credit you.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and look.  I do have some more things to show you so pop back soon. xx


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