Would you like to see.....

another of the cards I have made?  Well I am going to show you anyhow.....

Kinda hoping I haven't showed you this card already..... lol

What are you up to this weekend?  Not sure what we are doing, this weather makes it so hard to organise anything as I really don't want to be outside in the rain as some places in the UK have had it so bad this week with flooding and damage everywhere..... please can we have our summer soon.

Hope your weekend is a great one whatever you are doing and fingers crossed the weather is kind to you xx

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Out the Window

Ha ha, I had formulated a plan..... work 4 hours each day and actually get something achieved.  Problem is its easy to say this when you are having a good day... when I am having a bad day its not so easy to put into practise, so all I have managed so far this week is to make 1 card which I haven't put onto my computer yet.  So will show you something I made earlier....

It was a Valentines Card that my daughter wanted me to make for her boyfriend.  I also completed a challenge with it by using stash I had bought ages ago..... so was quite pleased with myself.  Her boyfriend must have liked it too as she is now pregnant..... lol.  Leaves, owl and ribbon are all Stampin' Up!.... take care, I will be back soon.

The competition winner was announced but it wasn't me..... not that I ever expected to win, I was just so thrilled to have got into the top 10.  The winners kit was wonderful, just the sort of kit I would expect from Echo Park.

So just to let you see what my kit looked like..... I will be turning it into a digital kit as soon as I can and it will be for sale in my shop, www.digitalmonsoon.co.uk.

As you can see it has 5 papers, a sheet of journalling blocks and a sticker sheet.  I hope you like it... take care.

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Thank You

Thank you to everyone who voted for me, I have now reached the Top 10 in the Echo Park Designer Competition.

Normal service will resume shortly.

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Long Time, No See.....

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been around for a long time but I have been concentrating on my Digital Designs at www.digitalmonsoon.co.uk and then in December I became ill and ever since then the doctors have been trying to find out what is wrong with me, they now think it is ME.  My brain is often a fuddled mess and it takes a bit to concentrate, but thankfully, I am on a regime of natural remedies and am starting to feel a bit better so am trying to become more motivated.

I have been making a few things, I am trying to do something positive each day and things are starting to look a bit brighter for me.  I have been taking photographs of my makes and will get around to putting some on here.  Some are just blatant copies of other peoples work as sometimes that is the best I can do, but other things are all my own work!!

I have recently entered a digital scrapbooking design competition over on Jessica Sprague's website and have made it through to the semi-final (which I think is quite an achievement already). The winner will have their design professionally printed and turned into a proper kit.

However if I am to go any further in the competition I need people to vote for my design - which is where you, my friends, can help. If you can spare just a few seconds of your time to register for the forum and vote for my design I would really, really appreciate it. You can find a link to my design here: http://www.jessicasprague.com/cpg/displayimage.php?album=2101&pos=10

And if you can get your friends to vote for me, that would be very cool ;) Thanks for your help!

Take care everyone.....

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