37 Days until Christmas......

So time has flown and there are only 37 days until Christmas Day. I have hardly done any Christmas Shopping and my Christmas Card makes are non-existent. Having had a lingering cold for nearly 2 weeks isn't helping either. Just as I think I am getting better it deteriorates again. 

Friday night we went to see Imitation Game with Benedict Cumberbatch. The film is definitely worth watching. Saturday saw us zipping off to Wembley to watch the England v Slovenia match (via Westfield, Stratford for a quick tagine in the food court) which after the first boring half ended with a final good 3-1 result. A quick trip around the new Wembley Outlet shops and a browse around the Christmas Market ended with a trip to Costa before piling on the tube back home. A good day was had by all I think. 

Here is a card I made a while back. I went through a time of making flowery cards. 

This was made solely out of Stampin' Up! Supplies. Love that flower punch and stamp set. 

Right off to look for a good book to read. And then after dinner (chilli which has been cooking in the slow cooker all day), I am going to watch the new Ripper Street on Amazon Prime. Have a great evening all. X

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