Exciting Times

Been very busy yet again. Thursday night we won our music quiz yet again. That is the third time in a row and this week we will get 15 points deducted from our score. Cannot see us making it a fourth time. 

Friday we went to the cinema to see Interstellar. It was okay, but thought the ending ruined it. Not saying anymore in case you want to watch it. It was very long at around 3 hours. 

Saturday evening the boys went to a Firework Display with my daughter. Unfortunately the heavens opened at the time they started and everyone ended up really wet. They did enjoy it though. 

Sunday. Well that was the highlight of my year (except for my birthday). We went to see Billy Idol, he was a punk rocker back in the 70/80s. I have waited 36 years to see him and it was worth every minute. Cannot believe he is nearly 59. He had so much energy and from a distance looked the same as he ever did. Spikey blonde hair and leather. Lol. 

And a photo to prove we were enjoying ourselves. 

Anyway. Better get on to the things you are here for. 

I know a lot of these type of cards have been made. A chest of drawers with baby items poking out of the drawers or hanging off the door knobs, and this is my first attempt at one. I think maybe the chest of drawers could have been a lighter brown, but overall I was pleased with it. 

So that's it for today, will be back soon with some more makes. Have a great day all. X

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