Have You Missed Me?

Wow, wow, wow. Been a while since I posted. I have been a bad blogger over the last few years but am going to try to blog more regularly from now onwards.

Life keeps changing, but then again stays the same. My son passed his driving test a couple of weeks ago and bought himself a car. It is wonderful that he is now more independent and can spend more time with his mates.

I have also been busy card wise over the last couple of months, but have cased a lot of cards from Pinterest, so will be sharing over the next couple of days.

It was my grandsons birthday on 9th October. He was 5 and here is the card I made for him.

I am having a lazy day tonight before going out to the pub tonight with friends. It's Karaoke Night, but I don't sing. Ha ha.

Take care everyone. X

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