Just a warning to anyone who is thinking of swapping their broadband and phone line to BT UK DONT!!

We were with BT many years ago and left because of problems, we went to Talk Talk and although there were a few problems with them too, they cost us much less money, and they sorted out the problems and we had a good speed of broadband and phone line for hardly any cost per month. Hubby then started working from home and we decided we needed High Speed Fibre Optic. Against our better judgement we went back to BT UK with the cost per month at least 3 times that of Talk Talk. 

Since being back with them our broadband has consistently dropped out, sometimes dropping out around 2.30pm in the afternoon and still not being back at 7am the next morning. Hubby has had to hotspot off my mobile phone just so he can work. Adding extra costs to our broadband. 

BT UK sent several engineers around, for several weeks as the problem was never fixed, and eventually it was decided that the cables in our road were over 50 years old and they would be replaced as there was a fault on our line. They came one Thursday afternoon, dug the hole, then came back on Monday morning and filled it back in again. Someone from BT rang and said they had actually filled it in without doing anything about the cables by accident, as engineers had been unable to come out to do the work because of the rain. That was a week ago. Since then no one has been out to fix it, our broadband still consistently drops off and since Thursday we have had no phone line either.

My daughter has recently been in hospital, she has ITP and if she even knocks herself it is imperitive she get herself checked out as her blood count is low and she could have internal bleeding. As I am a Certified Emergency First Aider, I am always her first port of call, and we have had to top her mobile phone up for her so that she can call my mobile now as she cannot call my home phone. More expense. 

Hubby tweeted about it this morning and BT got back to him saying an engineer is on his way to fix the fault. We haven't seen any BT engineer, but I dont expect they will be fixing our broadband.

What an expensive mistake it was for us to go back to BT UK. Please be warned. Will it ever be fixed? Who knows, but we have never been offered a refund or anything. Such a Comedy of Errors....

Edited to add:-  Unbelievable. Including our line rental we pay £40 for line rental and 80mb fibre broadband. We haven't had a phone since Thursday despite BT telling us a BT Engineer was on his way this morning and we are getting 17 mbs broadband. Totally unbelievable. BT UK you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Edited yet again to add:-  Hubby has retweeted them asking why if an engineer was on his way to fix it at 10 this morning it still wasn't fixed, he got a reply saying..... they have a commitment to fix our line by 23rd October and will ring us on 24th October to see if it works.  Hubby said that we will be wanting a refund of our payments as we aren't even getting 1/4 of the speed we are paying for, by Wednesday we will have been without the phone for a week and they said that is something we will have to discuss with an Account Manager.  Not so helpful.

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