About Me...

My name is Linda and I live in Maldon, Essex. I am a SAHM to 10 children, although 3 have left home now and 2 are married. I have 4 grandchildren, 1 girl and 3 boys. My children are Emma 26, Daniel 24, Cherelle 23, Ashleigh 22, Joseph 17, Georgia 16, Bethany 15, Jared, 13, Elijah 8 and Malachi 6. We also have 3 dogs, Faith a Great Dane Puppy, (although she is as big as a horse), Daisy a Cocker Spaniel and Belle a little black Pug, we also have seven cats, Brandon, Eric, Sooty, Toes, Spot, Scaredy and Not George. Our tortoise is called Noah, and we have a crab called..... Crab.

Daniel is an IT Salesman and part time Policeman, Cherelle was an Accounts Manager before she left work to have my little 17 month old grandson Caleb and Cain who is a newborn and Ashleigh is at University training to become a Doctor, I am very proud of my children.

We love geocaching which is where you will find us quite often at weekends, and we all attend church on a Sunday.

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