Getting Behind.

I was doing so well for a while there, but then the school holidays started and Hubby gave up his job to work for himself from home permanently, so there is always something going on here.  Well something except for crafting.  I just haven't had time.  But I did make a couple of things which I will show you.

Pink Flamingo
It was hubby's birthday a few weeks ago, here is the card I made him.  A little bit strange for a man you may think, but we kept seeing pink flamingos in St James Park in London and it amused everyone, so voila, a card for everyone's amusement.  It did go down well.  We are definately a strange lot in my household.  The flamingo was a file from Silhouette Studio shop and all the cardstock was from Stampin' Up!  I am loving the new Stampin' Up! catalogue, go check it out to see what all the fuss is about.  

I have one other thing to show you, so will try and get back tomorrow... have a great evening everyone... xx

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