2 days in a row....

Good morning, and a pretty yukky, dull morning it is here too......

Thought I would share a few more makes with you this morning, plus a little something of what we have been up to whilst I have been away.

So in the summer we went to see the Olympics, the Paralympics to be precise because there are 5 of us in this house, Mum, Dad and 3 boys, and you were only allowed to buy 4 tickets for the Olympics, so who do you think we should leave at home..... silly really as I think a lot of families have more than 2 children.  So Paralympics it was, and we went to the Stadium and watched the Athletics.  It was awesome, the guys were doing high jump without a pole and they all had only one leg.  They hopped up to the bar and jumped over it..... I couldn't have got over the bar with a long run up and 2 legs, so much respect goes out to them.

Inside the Olympic Stadium

With the Olympic Stadium behind us

As you can see we had a lovely sunny day, it was so warm and lovely to sit on the grass and drink a pint of beer......


I have also done some crafting..... it was my daughters birthday last week and she works for Rentokil, so what better card to make her than one with the Pied Piper of Hamlyn on..... yep she got the joke too... lol

Front of Card
Inside of Card

So thats all for today folks, will be back again shortly I hope..... have a great weekend... xx

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