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Good afternoon.... bit behind today as we are off to Warwick Castle first thing in the morning and then Wednesday we are going on to Alton Towers for 3 days, so we are there for Halloween and for the Fireworks.  We are definately get the most of our Merlin Passes this year.  We will be staying in Travel Lodges overnight and so I like to take some food with us, as we will be eating as these venues during the day and only need a snack at night.  Also I have been packing too.

Yesterday we spent getting ready for the Alice Cooper Halloween concert we were going too and we didn't get back until 1.30 this morning, so rather tired today.... here are a couple of photos from yesterday.

I definately attracted some attention going around London dressed like that and total strangers came up to me and asked if I minded if they took my photo, of course I didn't coz no one would recognise me in real life anyway.  Even at the concert people were taking photo'

So today I have a little pram to show you.  I made this for my daughter when she gave birth to her daughter in July....

I was really pleased with the way it turned out and she really loved it too....

I even made a little box for it too, a bit of a tight fit with the acetate as it was the longest I had, but it worked out just about okay.

Hope to be back over the next few days with some photos of our days out.....  take care all xx
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