Half Term

We never go away at half term and it is generally the boys playing out with their friends. This half term was different though as we never had a summer holiday this year. Daughter said she would look after our animals and so off we went.
We booked a Travel Lodge Hotel for our nights away as they were quite cheap and after making sure we had everything packed we set off on Tuesday morning. First of all we went to our nearest Beefeater for an eat as much as you like breakfast. Everyone ate until they were stuffed and then we set off for our trip to Warwick Castle. We arrived just before lunch and this enabled us to watch all the shows that we're on. First on our list was a walk through the scary trail. Here are a few photos that I took.

We next came across a bowman who told us everything about bows and arrows through the ages and how the arrows had evolved. He also told the boys about the 2 fingers they used which amused them greatly and they still talk about now.

And the best part of my day was the boys in the stocks. Shame I didn't have any rotten food to throw at them.

The next show we saw was Duel of the Dead. This was a sword fight and also educational as they told you all about the different swords and demonstrated on a pumpkin what they could do.

We also love the Birds of Prey and were so pleased when they flew different birds to when we were here last Christmas.

This first bird was a baby vulture.

This was a bald eagle.

This was a sea eagle. I absolutely love eagles and was really pleased to see these magnificent birds. I also got the opportunity to watch it bathing later on too.

When we went to the castle last December we didn't see them shoot the trebuchet and my 11 year old son was very disappointed. This time we saw them shooting it twice. Once in the dark and once in the lit. Each time they shot flaming rocks.

As you can see the night time photo wasn't very good and the rocks broke up into several bits.

They had some scary people appearing at the castle during the day.

As it was Halloween week they had a scary show in the main part of the castle. It was about a woman who had murdered 7 people there and gouged their eyes out. It was set up like a crime scene being revisited by the jury and we were the jury.

The boys were scared but were most scared before anything happened. We also went into the dungeons where scary scenes were enacted in every room. And I think I must have a pick on me type face as I was picked to go behind a curtain and be bashed over the head and have my innards gouged out. Shame he didn't remove my gall bladder. In the next room I had to read someone's death sentence in my poshest voice. Ben didn't escape either. He got called into the dock in court and was found guilty of waddling in the well and Malachi was also found guilty of living in Essex. Lol

We watched a jester eat fire too.

There was so much to do. The boys enjoyed watching a professor make stink bombs and letting them set them off and also bangers too. They now want to make them at home. Me too!!!

Around 9pm we set off back to the car and went back to our hotel. A good nights sleep was had by all after our very busy day.

And as this has turned into a really long post I will call it a day for now and will be back tomorrow with photos of everything else we did. Have a good evening all xx

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