Christmas is coming.....

Yes, I will probably get shot for that remark.  I was with some friends yesterday who said that Christmas was banned as a topic of conversation as it was coming round so quickly.  Well this year I am trying to be organised and am succeeding to a degree too.... I have made about 3/4 of my christmas cards, the boys have bought ones this year, so I have 80 less to make, but I am attempting to put a hamper together for each of my kids with some homemade stuff in as well as some bought stuff, so am in the process of starting that.  Still no word from the hospital on my operation date either.

Since being ill, my creativity has taken a nose dive so I have been CASEing a lot of cards until my mojo comes back, so some of these picture I am about to show you have been CASED from some very talented ladies, but I cannot remember who, so if it is you, drop me a line so I can credit you for them.

So thats it for today, hope to be back soon with some more.... take care xx

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