Half Term Part 2

So are you all back for part 2. Much shorter post today as we don't take many photos at Alton Towers. It would be much of a muchness, but I do have a few things to show you.

Our first day at Alton Towers was Halloween and there were lots of people dressed up. Their were also zombies walking around the park to scare you. The rides also stayed open until 9pm so rode some roller coasters in the dark. There were 4 scary mazes but it cost from £9 for tickets for them so we didn't go in them but on the second day they extended the maze opening by a day and reduced the price to £5 so we took the opportunity to go in them then. Boys were pretty scared in a couple of them but they did enjoy themselves and they haven't had nightmares so all is well and good.

Do you know what these are? They are fireworks and these are just a few of the ones set off on our last night at Alton Towers. They were awesome. I have never seen fireworks like them before and I think they were even better than the New Year fireworks in London.

Not brilliant photographs but my camera was on go slow and the fireworks had almost disappeared when the shutter decided to close. The rides were also open after the fireworks had finished so we took the opportunity to ride a few more before they shut at 9pm and we went back to our hotel for the final time this year.

And because I haven't shown you anything crafty for a few days I will finish off this post with a photo of one of my recent makes.

I made a wall banner for my grand daughter. It's not a big photo but you get the idea. The name Alicia is in sparkly glitter pink card and there is an owl either end of the name. All joined together with ribbon.

Hope to see you all tomorrow. Xx

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