Good Excuse.....

as to why I haven't been posting.  I have been in hospital.  I was diagnosed a few weeks ago with gallstones, they have been playing up for a while on and off now, but recently they have been worse, resulting in 2 trips to A&E in less than a week, and Sunday morning at 5am, that is where I was.  They admitted me and gave me really strong morphine.  Kept me in on Monday and gave me a scan and I was told I had lots of small gallstones.  "what's lots"?  I asked.  Radiographer: "in excess of 10...".  Me: "what's small?"  Radiographer: "between 5mm and 6mm"... "thats not small" I said.... lol

So was kept in Monday into Tuesday and they have decided they are going to take my gallbladder out within 6 weeks.  I have to have an endoscopy first and then the op.  I came home Tuesday afternoon armed with 4 lots of tablets and painkillers which I hope will keep the pain at bay until op time, especially as next week we are going to Alton Towers for 3 days....  so there you go, a perfectly good excuse as to why I haven't been around.

I do have something to show you though.  It was my mum's 70th birthday at the beginning of the month and I made her an extra special card.

And we all went out for lunch on the Sunday, here is a photograph of us all having our dinner...

Right, I have to go pick my car up now.  Had to have a new clutch on it, cost me a fortune, £420.... eeeek.  Thats all I need with Christmas around the corner.  Hope to see you all tomorrow.... xx

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