Alice Cooper

Good afternoon.... bit behind today as we are off to Warwick Castle first thing in the morning and then Wednesday we are going on to Alton Towers for 3 days, so we are there for Halloween and for the Fireworks.  We are definately get the most of our Merlin Passes this year.  We will be staying in Travel Lodges overnight and so I like to take some food with us, as we will be eating as these venues during the day and only need a snack at night.  Also I have been packing too.

Yesterday we spent getting ready for the Alice Cooper Halloween concert we were going too and we didn't get back until 1.30 this morning, so rather tired today.... here are a couple of photos from yesterday.

I definately attracted some attention going around London dressed like that and total strangers came up to me and asked if I minded if they took my photo, of course I didn't coz no one would recognise me in real life anyway.  Even at the concert people were taking photo'

So today I have a little pram to show you.  I made this for my daughter when she gave birth to her daughter in July....

I was really pleased with the way it turned out and she really loved it too....

I even made a little box for it too, a bit of a tight fit with the acetate as it was the longest I had, but it worked out just about okay.

Hope to be back over the next few days with some photos of our days out.....  take care all xx
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I really need to make my son a birthday card for next week but have been busy today being a zombie. We are off to an Alice Cooper concert on Sunday and I am dressing up as a zombie so my daughter practised my make up today. Not sure whether to wear the wig or not. What do you think?

Or without the wig?

Better get on with the card tomorrow then.

Just a quick card for you today

I made this for my son's 16th birthday at the end of September. He seemed to like it.

See you tomorrow. Xx

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Good Excuse.....

as to why I haven't been posting.  I have been in hospital.  I was diagnosed a few weeks ago with gallstones, they have been playing up for a while on and off now, but recently they have been worse, resulting in 2 trips to A&E in less than a week, and Sunday morning at 5am, that is where I was.  They admitted me and gave me really strong morphine.  Kept me in on Monday and gave me a scan and I was told I had lots of small gallstones.  "what's lots"?  I asked.  Radiographer: "in excess of 10...".  Me: "what's small?"  Radiographer: "between 5mm and 6mm"... "thats not small" I said.... lol

So was kept in Monday into Tuesday and they have decided they are going to take my gallbladder out within 6 weeks.  I have to have an endoscopy first and then the op.  I came home Tuesday afternoon armed with 4 lots of tablets and painkillers which I hope will keep the pain at bay until op time, especially as next week we are going to Alton Towers for 3 days....  so there you go, a perfectly good excuse as to why I haven't been around.

I do have something to show you though.  It was my mum's 70th birthday at the beginning of the month and I made her an extra special card.

And we all went out for lunch on the Sunday, here is a photograph of us all having our dinner...

Right, I have to go pick my car up now.  Had to have a new clutch on it, cost me a fortune, £420.... eeeek.  Thats all I need with Christmas around the corner.  Hope to see you all tomorrow.... xx

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I thought I would pop on and show you my Halloween toenails.

I couldn't decide what colours to paint them so settled for the Halloween colours. One foot is purple and the other green. Each foot has one toenail painted orange. Lol. Think I need to get a life.
Have a great Saturday night. Xx

Testing Blogpress

Morning. I thought I would test this app I got for my iPad to see if I can blog whilst on the go which means I would probably blog more often. (Please note the word probably. Lol).

Yep I am so confident (not) that I am even going to post a card I recently made for my daughters OH. He is currently working behind a bar whilst applying for jobs in the Biomedical Scientist field as he has a degree in this.

And here is the inside......

Now fingers crossed this will post. Off to have a shower now. Wanting to watch the football at 12.45 so need to get everything done before hand. COYS.

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2 days in a row....

Good morning, and a pretty yukky, dull morning it is here too......

Thought I would share a few more makes with you this morning, plus a little something of what we have been up to whilst I have been away.

So in the summer we went to see the Olympics, the Paralympics to be precise because there are 5 of us in this house, Mum, Dad and 3 boys, and you were only allowed to buy 4 tickets for the Olympics, so who do you think we should leave at home..... silly really as I think a lot of families have more than 2 children.  So Paralympics it was, and we went to the Stadium and watched the Athletics.  It was awesome, the guys were doing high jump without a pole and they all had only one leg.  They hopped up to the bar and jumped over it..... I couldn't have got over the bar with a long run up and 2 legs, so much respect goes out to them.

Inside the Olympic Stadium

With the Olympic Stadium behind us

As you can see we had a lovely sunny day, it was so warm and lovely to sit on the grass and drink a pint of beer......


I have also done some crafting..... it was my daughters birthday last week and she works for Rentokil, so what better card to make her than one with the Pied Piper of Hamlyn on..... yep she got the joke too... lol

Front of Card
Inside of Card

So thats all for today folks, will be back again shortly I hope..... have a great weekend... xx

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Yep, I did it again.

Long time since I last posted...... I have been crafting and making things just haven't got around to posting what I have made.

I bought some SVG files from  They are awesome and I made loads of autumn stuff, not sure where to display it really but I did enjoy making it all very much.

Hoping I will be back soon, have a good day all xx

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