Double Offer Today

Okay well today as well as the 10% off all Stampin Up Goodies until 6pm tomorrow we have another offer.
I need 10 people who will spend £15 a month for 10 months on Stampin Up Goodies, thats anything in the brochure, but I need you to stay for the 10 months. During that 10 months, each month one person will be the hostess, therefore 10 people, 1 hostess a month. On your hostess month, you will receive a hostess stamp set of your choice (dependent on your sales that month if you sell enough you could get 2) plus depending on your sales an additional cash sum to spend on other Stampin Up Goodies, so say the month you are hostess I receive orders of £200 from your group of 10, you will receive 1 Stamp Set (which you cannot buy from the brochure) and £20 worth of goods.... cant be bad. You will also receive a free catalogue from me worth £5.99. All I ask is for 10 months commitment from each person and £3.50 a month postage, if after the 10 months you have paid too much postage I will refund it. I am also looking to do a club for 8 people who are willing to sign up for 8 months and spend £20 per month, and it will be run the same as the above. If you are interested let me know, at the moment it is on a first come first served basis. Unfortunately the 10% discount does not count for this club. I will also be hosting other special offers for people who join during their time in their club.... so what are you waiting for..

Have a good day xx

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