Day 6 - 12 Gifts of Christmas

Today is Day 6 and we are halfway to finishing.... todays is a little bit more complicated but I thought that as it was the weekend you would have more time to have a go.... again its a bit late, after being without our dishwasher for getting on for 2 months I decided this morning that we would go and buy a new one which we did, a nice shiny stainless steel one, and then we decided to have a takeaway for lunch so dont even get the opportunity to use it yet....

Anyway, back on course and today is a....

Candle in a Box

Step 1, I bought some candles from Ikea, but any candles will do for this, mine is quite small but makes a neat little present for teachers or friends. I took a burgundy candle and using one of the Stampin' Up! Rub-Ons (there's 20% off at the minute) I rubbed one onto the candle, I then stuck a piece of white ribbon around the bottom to finish it off nicely and added some little silver gems to different parts of the rub-on... the picture isn't very clear because I forgot to take a photo of it before I sealed it in the box DOH!!!

Now onto the box.... I used Old Olive Cardstock for this and cut 2 squares the same at 3 1/2" x 3 1/2". I scored at 1/2 " all the way round on both of them.

And then cut along the pencil lines that I have drawn. Next I used Tombow Adhesive and folded up the short bits and stuck it all together making 2 small little boxes like these...

I then decided that I needed to raise the candle out of the base slightly so made another smaller box, the cardstock I used was 2.8" square and I scored all the way around at 1/4" and then made the box as I did above.

I then glued all around the edge and stuck it into the centre of one of the larger boxes, like so....

Bit messy, but I used glue that dried clear so didn't show once properly dry. I then used double sided tape to stick the candle to the centre of this base.

I then had to make an acetate square to fit inside the base and go around the candle. For this I cut a strip of acetate 10 1/4" x 3.5" and scored it at 2 1/2" 5" 7 1/2" and 10", I then folded properly along these lines and stuck some double sided table along the tiny piece of acetate on the end. I then stuck this together to make a square and placed it into the box base. I cut 2 pieces of Patterned Paper 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" and stuck one piece inside the acetate and the other on the outside behind the candle. I then placed the top box on top of the acetate and using one of the strips from the I Wish Simply Scrappin Kit I stuck the lid onto the acetate. I also used some double sided tape around the top and bottom of the acetate to hold it securely in place. I then added some ribbon for decoration.

I also tied some ribbon around the sides of the box so it went from the top, down the side, underneath and up the other side. I made this look neat by using a scallop circle punch and a sentiment stamp.

And here is the sentiment on the top.

It sounds quite complicated to make but was really simple, but you really need to get your measurements exact for this, and be careful of the acetate, I used 250 microns and you could easily cut yourself on the edges.

I am off now to eat my takeaway, but will be back tomorrow with another gift...

Have a good relaxing evening, wrap up warm and take care xx

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