A Super Fabulous Day....

Well yesterday we went to Dublin for the day, yep you did hear me right, only for the day. This entailed us getting up at 4.15am and going to Stanstead to fly out at 8.05am... unfortunately we were delayed due to fog but did fly out at 8.55am. We arrived in Dublin just under an hour later and caught the bus into Dublin.... now for the "I am very sad" bit... whilst on the bus into Dublin we drove past this church... one of many, but I was convinced it was the one where Stephen Gately had his funeral.... of course the family humoured me but on the way back to the airport last night I just had to take a photo, because it was dark I ended up with a photograph of myself and a nice big flash, but today I checked it out and it really was the Church..... at one point I wanted to hunt it down whilst we were in Dublin but had changed my mind, but by some fluke we drove straight past it.... okay saddo bit finished.

We visited this church by The Four Courts, St Michans, and went down into the crypts where there were some very old coffins and very old squashed coffins with bones sticking out, the guide was excellent and the boys listened in amazement whilst my daughter just cringed... lol At the end we saw some mummified bodies, but the oldest was 900 years old and the guy said we could touch him.... well my 6 year old was there like a shot, but my 8 year old and my daughter wouldn't touch him, but just before we left they were persuaded to... lol. My daughter would only do it if I went with her to hold her hand (she is 15)... apparently it is lucky, so wondering if I should be buying a lottery ticket for tomorrow night... So if you were to ask everyone the highlight of their day in Dublin they will tell you it was "touching dead people".... yep I see social services arriving on my doorstep soon.

Anyway, here is a card I made for an order I fulfill each month for a lady from Church...

Card made with Crate Paper Ephesians 2:8
I have used Crate Paper for this and some flowers from my stash, the scripture was computer generated. Thank you for looking, have a great weekend.

Take care xx

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Pinkllilac said...

Such a beautiful card Linda, and in such fab colours! love the gorgeous design.
Hugs Linda