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Stampin' Up! have really been packing the surprises lately, firstly we get the new mini catalogue packed full of gorgeous, lush new stash, including shimmer paints and satin ribbon along with new stamp sets and patterned paper, but they have just announced that they are changing all the colour families that Stampin' Up! currently have. If you dont know a colour family is a set of 12 colours that will all go together by tone etc so makes it easy to mix and match for your card or scrapbook project... well, they are introducing at least 15 new colours and retiring some of the old ones, so if you love a colour that is retiring, now is the time to stock up on it before they run out.... and here is the colour chart showing you our retiring colours, they will be available until end of September, but once the catalogue comes out on 1st October that will be it!! This will include all inkpads too, so stock up on those too, plus the reinkers. The whole colour families are being shaken up so will not be available as they are now after 30 September 2010.

But dont be too down, they are releasing the most lush new colours and that isn't all, some of you may know about the "in colours" they currently have in US and Australia, well we will be getting those too. Each new colour family will consist of 10 colours in each, plus in October they will give us 5 new "in colours" and these colours will last for 2 years before being retired, the following October we will be given 5 more and they will last for 2 years, after that we will get 5 new colours each year which means not only do we have the 40 colours in the colour family, we will also have 10 "in colours" making a grand total of 50 colours for you to play around with.... how exciting is that... there is a definate lack of purples I must admit, so just make sure you stock up on the current purples that you like before they retire....

So very exciting news for all Stampin' Up! fans.... how will we get through the next 6 months.... lol
Take care xx

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