A Not Quite Christmassy Post.... lol

Well as the title says it isn't really Christmassy, except that I gave this album to my daughter and partner for their christmas present. He is South African and they visited there back in June/July, I stole the photographs from his Facebook page and made them an album so that they would remember their time there.

The above is the box I made for them to store the album in.... I wanted it to say Memories Are Forever, but didn't have enough "e"s to do this, so Memories Are Precious it had to be...

The papers I used are Scenic Route Ashville, my daughter should be honoured as I wouldn't have used these papers for just anyone, they were one of my favourite Scenic Route papers and now Scenic Route doesn't exist any more, so even more reason to cherish the papers you have.

The pages above had 3 tags hidden behind the photographs, one of them you can see says Special Day, these also had journalling lines on them so they could write their own memories of the day on these.

The photograph with the giraffe had 2 hidden tags behind the photograph with more photographs of a zebra and some kind of deer, there wasn't enough room in the album for them so just added them as an extra. There is also a tag behind the man with the champagne to write their memories on so they dont forget in years to come.

After vowing to do some crafting today, I never got round to it as we went to the Cinema to see Sherlock Holmes, we took 3 of our boys with us, and even though 2 of them were under 12 (it is a 12A) they loved it (or was it the popcorn they loved... lol). Must say I think I am addicted to Stampin' Up!, during one shot in a house I was totally sure they had Bella Bleu Patterned Paper on the walls.... ha ha!! After the cinema my 8 year old son wanted to buy an MP3/4 player with his Christmas money, we had checked out some the other day and went in to buy it... not only did he change his mind on the one he wanted but they had neither in stock!! He was so disappointed, but another shop not too many miles away had one left in stock so we paid and ordered it instore and then went off to pick it up.... He is so pleased with it, it is so heart warming to see them so happy with something they have saved their money for.

Have a great evening all xx

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