A Little Something For Scouts...

My son and daughter go to a local Scout Group and are running a tombola stall at our town Victorian Evenings (2 Thursdays at the beginning of December, all the shop workers dress up in Victorian outfits and there is a horse and carriage which drives along with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in (obviously not real).... and I thought that if i was to give tins they would be yukky stuff that we dont eat.... lol, isn't that what everyone does, gives the tins that have been in their cupboards the longest? Anyway, I decided to make these card boxes, they have 3 Hershey chocolates in and 2 cards in each side, I thought these were a bit different and might attract peoples attention a bit more than just tins would.... lol

I did use last years Christmas Scrappin' Kit as I was donating it for nothing, I thought I would keep this years kit for something else...

For the top kit I used the retired Ski Slope Papers and Real Red and Old Olive Grosgrain Ribbon and cardstock. The final details for each box is a loop of the Gold Elastic from Stampin' Up. I so love these colours, and I made these boxes without eating any of the Hersheys chocolates, how good am I?! Unfortunately I then made paella for dinner and had 3 small bowls..... oooops, we dont have it very often and it is my totally favourite meal.... lol

I notice we are nearly at the 2000 on my bookworm counter and I will be making the draw once it hits 2000, but I am going out tomorrow afternoon and wont be back until late, so I may have to make the draw on Thursday morning, but dont worry I wont forget as I am so excited about giving away all this lovely stash. I even have the pizza box ready to pack it all in... lol

I will be back tomorrow and tell you all about where I am going tomorrow and I also have a card all ready to post in case I dont have time to make one.... my 6 year son is having his school assembly tomorrow and the parents get to go and watch and see what they have been doing so far this year.... cant wait.

Have a good evening, take care xx

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~ Ali ~ said...

They are fantastic and a fabulous idea too.